Is Bisphenol A the new silent killer?

Antidote Europe has launched a public campaign regarding the dangers of bisphenol A and has duly informed the new president of the European Parliament.

The French-based NGO Antidote Europe has sent an urgent appeal to the newly-elected president of the European Parliament, Professor Jerzy Buzek (see below), asking him to take urgent action to preserve public health. There is now mounting scientific evidence to suggest that the synthetic chemical bisphenol A represents a serious health risk, especially to human foetuses and bottle-fed babies.

Antidote Europe bases its concerns specifically on human findings, including blood and urine samples, as well as effects seen in human cell cultures. This human data, which points to increased risk of cancer, diabetes, and fertility problems which threaten to annihilate our species, should guide the authorities towards making rational decisions and thereby avoid the confusion sown until now by the results of conflicting animal data.

Please go to external link to view Antidote Europe’s public campaign and online petition.