Open letter sent by Andre Menache to Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

Open letter sent by Andre Menache to Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

Many medical charities who rely for their funding on the goodwill of the general public go on to use this money to support animal research in the mistaken belief that animal experiments will yield data that is relevant to human disease. In his letter to CRUK, Andre Menache presents scientific data to show that animal models are… Read more

Are animal models predictive?

There are many ways in which animals are used in science, but their role as models for predicting human outcome is especially controversial. Read ‘Are animal models predictive for humans?’  by Niall Shanks, Ray Greek and Jean Greek, originally published in Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine.

People are not 70kg rats

People are not 70kg rats

The optimum time to get a new drug on to the market from its discovery to its sale is 12 years, at a cost of around 500 million euros. The clinical (in human) phase of drug development is by far the most expensive part of the entire process, accounting for 80% of the total cost,… Read more

Autism: where are we heading?

The prevalence of autism is growing too quickly for it to be a genetic disorder. Instead, autism is probably caused by exposure of the fetus to harmful substances. [article computer-translated from the French] The causes of autism are to be found before birth but not due to genetic factors. Instead, the mother’s exposure to certain… Read more

Tap water: you said “potable”?

Tap water is deemed safe to drink if the concentration of dangerous chemicals within it does not reach a certain threshold. But these thresholds are simplistic, outdated and irrelevant. [article computer-translated from the French] Tap water may be subject to constant surveillance, but we are ill-informed as to what’s in it. Instead, we swim in… Read more

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