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is a not for profit NGO that promotes sound scientific methods of research and campaigns on issues of consumer safety.

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Danish animal research heralds the « domino effect » and maybe more

A recently published article by a team of scientists in Denmark suggests that animal research is undergoing a « domino effect ».

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It’s time to end the use of non human primates in research and testing

Antidote Europe responds to the European Commission on the need for non-human primates in biomedical research, production and testing of products and devices.



The European Citizens’ Stop Vivisection Initiative and the Revision of Directive 2010/63/EU


The flaws and human harms of animal experimentation

 by Dr Aysha Akhtar

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Stop experimenting on healthy people

Open letter to the French Minister of Health

 by Dr Claude Reiss

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The NIH will no longer fund chimpanzee research

 This announcement represents a victory for Antidote Europe. The NIH announcement is in line with our position that no animal species can be considered as a « model » for humans.

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necessary wins over evil again

By Dr Ray Greek   Stop Vivisection

Why animals are not good models for the study of human disease

Modern-day knowledge has shown us the biological uniqueness of each and every species.

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People are not 70kg rats

In drug safety tests, using one species to represent another simply doesn’t work. We must replace animal tests with 21st-century science.

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Open letter sent by Andre Menache to Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

Many medical charities who rely for their funding on the goodwill of the general public go on to use this money to support animal research in the mistaken belief that animal experiments will yield data that is relevant to human disease. In his letter to CRUK, Andre Menache presents scientific data to show that animal models are not able to predict human outcome.

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Ban cosmetics testing on animals now!

Danger Bisphenol

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